I try very hard not to play video games. While countless youth hours were admittedly spent stomping goombas, much effort has been put into attempting to ignore the existence of newer video game consoles. Part of the motivation is fear, the thought being that if rudimentary 8-bit gaming systems demanded so much of my childhood waking hours then surely newer, incredibly detailed gaming offerings will absolutely steal my life if given the chance. No bueno. 

Unfortunately, today we have a trailer for the latest Call of Duty DLC (downloadable content, I’m told) release titled “Rave in the Redwoods,” a game that asks players to blast their way through a zombie-infested EDM festival being held out in North Coast-looking forest. Due to the title, LoCO felt obligated to watch it and, dammit. That looks like a great, escapist way to blow 100 hours. (No!)

Dare to watch the trailer below. We enter an era of resistance. We will practice by resisting this.  

(Hat tip to the Humboldt County Convention and Visitors Bureau for bringing this joy to LoCO’s attention.)