A belly dancer performs at Arts Alive in Eureka. | Image from Flickr user Redwood Coast, an account of the Humboldt County Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Last month we told you about howe Eureka is looking to improve the city’s cultural caché through a new Strategic Arts Initiative. Officials reached out to “the movers and shakers of the arts and culture community” for ideas and wound up with a list of concepts ranging from new murals to street pianos, a statue of Archimedes, painted intersections and a Return of the Jedi festival.

Now the City is seeking the public’s help through an online survey.

Do you enjoy symphony concerts? Or do you prefer DJs and live bands? How often do you go to art galleries? The zoo? The Bayshore Mall? Your city government wants to know!

Do you dig the Jazz Festival? What about Farmers’ Markets? Oyster Fest? Arts Alive? Your city officials want to know!

Hell, do you think the City should even bother with funding arts and culture given other priorities such as policing and road maintenance? Eureka officials want to know that, too! (We at LoCO, for the record, are pro-art.)

Click here to take the survey.