Bye, bear. Vertical video courtesy the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office above and press release below:

On 07-10-17 Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a residence on Greenwood Heights for a call of a bear locked in a vehicle. Once on scene Corporal Borges, Deputy Crotty and Lieutenant Fridley found a gray faced adult black bear locked in a vehicle. The bear was very aggressive and snapped at the window anytime someone would get close to the vehicle.

With the help of vehicle owner the vehicle was unlocked. Deputies tied a length of rope to the door handle, wrapped it around a tree and fed it back to a patrol vehicle. From a safe distance the rope was pulled which opened the door and allowed the bear to exit the vehicle. It is unknown how the bear was able to get into the vehicle. The bear was unharmed and last seen running into the brush.