Trinity County Sheriff’s Office press release: 


July 5-10, 2017, the Trinity County Sheriff’s Narcotics Task Force, United States Forest Service Law Enforcement Officers and Campaign Against Marijuana Planting (CAMP) conducted marijuana raids and eradication operations in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest and Six Rivers National Forest.

Officers eradicated over 30,400 marijuana plants and collected and removed 1,450 pounds of garbage, half a mile of black piping, firearms and hazardous pesticides.

Trinity County Sheriff K-9 Johnny apprehended one male suspect identified as Marco Antonio Cabrera-Sabrero, DOB: 11/23/83 out of Mexico. Two other suspects were arrested: one male suspect identified as Carlos Enrique Martinez-Duarte, DOB: 12/28/95 and the second was a male suspect identified as Emanuel Diaz-Escaveno, DOB: 06/11/92, both out of Mexico.

All three suspects were arrested and booked into Trinity County Jail on the below charges. Escaveno is being held on $250,000 bail. Sabers and Duarte are being held on $75,000 bail. 


  • 11358(D) HS - plant/cultivate/etc marijuana hashish
  • 11359(C) HS - possess marijuana/hashish for sale
  • 148(A)(1) PC - obstruct/resist public officer/etc
  • 12022(A)(1) PC - commit felony while armed with firearm
  • 1602(A)(1) FG - diverting a stream or waterway
  • 5650(A)(1) FG - willfully pass petroleum products in waterway
  • 5652 FG - illegal deposit of refuse in water of state
  • 182 PC - conspiracy to commit crime