That’s a wrap for our 13th Annual Kids Ocean Day in Humboldt County! This year nearly 1,000 students came together to…

On the same day that President Trump announced he would withdraw the United States from the Paris climate accord a bunch of mini-Humboldtians got together to clean a beach. 

On Thursday nearly 1,000 students piled on buses en route to the South Spit for Kids’ Ocean Day, part of a California Coastal Commission statewide marine trash education program handled locally by Friends of the Dunes. Once out on the sand the kids spent the day learning about biodiversity, scooping up trash and yanking invasive plants.

As has been the case since the event’s inception, the day culminated with the young enviros arranging themselves into some happy-looking sea life for an aerial photo (see above). Aww.

For more color and mirth from the day, LoCO will direct you to the clip below shot and edited by local quadcopter pro Chad Johnson. Allow yourself a smile.