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The South Korean brewing company that moved its operation to Eureka two years ago is now set to officially release its new line of craft beers.

The founders of The Booth Brewing Company have made huge strides since opening their first bar in Seoul four years ago. They now own eight bars, a brew pub, have distributed various craft beers into Korea, and started the brewery in Eureka.

And although craft beer is not yet as widely known in Korea as it is in the States, it’s growing in popularity. So Booth Brewing will export most of its product in an effort to take hold of the craft beer market in Korea. However, they hope to be a North Coast favorite at the same time.

“It’s very exciting to be in a new environment, a new venture and we’re very excited about people tasting our own beers because it’s very different from what you guys have right now” said co-founder and CEO Sunghoo Yang. “It’s an innovative style, it’s new, and we hope that people here locally will love it as well.”

Yang says Lost Coast Brewery’s Indica IPA is a big hit in Korea, and that’s how they were first introduced to the hoppy full-bodied style of beer. It’s also what led them to their location off Third and Commercial Streets, which is Lost Coast’s former brewery. They moved in and the set-up was pretty much ready to go. So they got a few qualified brewers on-board and have been working to develop their unique line of craft beer ever since.

On May 13 at 1 pm, they’ll kick off the sale of their new brews and will have a limited one day release of their kukmin hop ale — which is similar to IPA but less bitter and more floral-citrusy — sold unfiltered in growlers. Then after that they’ll be open every Saturday from 1 to 4 selling growlers at the door.

They anticipate within the next three to six months the brewery will have a canning line and the beer will be distributed in Humboldt and possibly San Francisco.

In this LoCO Video Report we show you around the brewery and hear more from Yang and brewer Aaron Weshnak.