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Back in 1876, some of Humboldt’s early settlers wanted to commemorate their pioneer roots by collecting and preserving information about the history of the county, so they established the Society of Humboldt County Pioneers.

Now, 141 years later, they’re still going strong, with 150 members — all descendants of Humboldt pioneers with local family roots going back at least 100 years. The society takes great pride in its historical collection and has just finished up a new exhibit at the Clarke Museum called Discover Your Humboldt County Pioneer Ancestors.

The opportunity is through the museum’s community case project which transforms every month before Arts Alive.

“It’s a great way to showcase all the different organizations historical collections that we don’t usually get exposed to. So it’s a lot of fun,” said museum director and curator, Ben Brown.”

In this LoCO Video Report we learn more about the society, which is one of the longest continuously meeting groups in the county and the oldest historical organization in the county. Plus we get to check out its original register of membership dating to 1876, and other items that have never before been publicly displayed.