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Local Pet Store Wants Help Cleaning Up Piles of Dog Poo ‘Plaguing’ Arcata Marsh

Birdwatchers generally put themselves at risk of being pooped on from above, but birders in the Arcata Marsh may be at greater risk of encountering poo down below.

Last month, Humboldt Pet Supply teamed up with 11 volunteers to remove 28 pounds of dog turds from the Arcata Marsh. Now the local company is looking to double down on its doo-doo disposal by promoting another cleanup event next week.

In the pet supply company’s Facebook video — embedded above — Friends of the Arcata Marsh boardmember George Ziminsky said irresponsible dog waste disposal has been an ongoing issue at the marsh.

“As big as the marsh is, its impacted by a lot of dog owners who don’t engage in proper waste disposal,” Ziminsky said in the video. “Speaking form vast experience, stepping in dog poo is not a good part of your day.”

According to the informational video embedded above, dog poop harbors bacteria which can negatively impact Arcata’s wetlands and wildlife.

“If theres a lot of dog waste laying around, it really affects the wildlife that live out here,” Ziminsky said. “[Animals] need to have their sense of smell to know what’s going on, and it ends up becoming a sensory overload if there’s dog poo everywhere.”

The next Arcata Marsh cleanup will be held a October 14, at 9 a.m. Cleaning supplies will be provided.



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