John Ross Ferrara / @ 1:46 p.m. / How 'Bout That Weather

Eureka Breaks Another September Heat Record, Beating Out Today’s Previous High Set in 1970

Find some shade. Flickr photo by Don Hankins.

Summer isn’t leaving Humboldt without a fight.

The local National Weather Service office reports that Eureka hit a record high of 77 degrees today, breaking the previous record of 75 degrees set in 1970.

Eureka also set a record high on September 2, when temperatures reached 76 degrees by 9:45 a.m., causing an industrial propane tank to overheat in Old Town later that afternoon.

The NWS forecasts that the heat will subside a bit after today, but costal areas should continue to see warm and dry temperatures in the high 60s through the weekend.



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