Photos: RDPD

City of Rio Dell press release: 

On August 10, 2018, officers from the Rio Dell Police Department served a search warrant on a parcel located off of Northwestern Avenue in Rio Dell. The owner of the property had applied to the City for a conditional use permit to cultivate marijuana on the property, but had failed to follow through with any of the conditions, including participating in the track and trace program.

“I’m disappointed that these cultivators did not comply after given an opportunity to enter the legal market.” Rio Dell Police Chief Jeff Conner stated. “I am pleased that the operation went by without major incident.”

Rather than allow the marijuana to enter the black market, the Rio Dell Police Department elected to seize and destroy 581 flowering marijuana plants, 818 drying marijuana plants and/or stalks, and 158 marijuana plants in a vegetative state. Approximately one pound of processed marijuana flowers and ten pounds of trim material were also destroyed. The Department will continue to monitor the property to ensure that marijuana cultivation does not take place until the conditions of the permit are complied with.

Mayor Frank Wilson summarized the position of the city. “The message is clear: Illegal or unpermitted marijuana grows are not welcome in Rio Dell. Play by the rules or get out.”