Bekah M, missing not missing

The television version of Bekah M ended last night rose-less. (Sad face.)

With much of The Bachelor fanbase mourning the reality star’s elimination, Bekah Martinez — also Humboldt County’s most famous non-missing person — took advantage of her new freedom and appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to discuss the past few whirlwind months.

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After some discussion of her Bachelor experiences host Jimmy Kimmel steered the interview toward Bekah’s brief Humboldt missing person status. Bekah was happy to finally get her story out there. 

“All right, let me set the record straight. First of all, a lot of people thought I lied to my mother saying that I was on a farm when I was actually on The Bachelor but, no, I had already been eliminated from the show,” Martinez explained. (The Bachelor is filmed months before it actually airs.)

After being eliminated, Martinez and some friends decided to travel “up to the mountains” in Humboldt County to an area where she did not have cell phone service.

Bekah told her mom she would call. She did not. 

After about a week of being unreachable Bekah decided she’d had enough and returned to cell service only to discover that her mom had reported her missing to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office the previous day. 

Kimmel joked with Martinez about being in the “mountains” before Bekah seemingly gave up the game and confirmed what she’d been up to.

“Oh, you were on a marijuana farm!” Kimmel pressed.

“Well, it’s Humboldt County, so…” Martinez shot back.

“I see, so every open field is a marijuana farm is what you’re saying?” Kimmel quipped.

Watch Bekah M and Kimmel’s full exchange below.

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UPDATE: If you need even more Bekah M in your life feel free to watch another interview she gave to Good Morning America earlier today.