Weed here or nah?

The city of Arcata is reaching out to its citizenry to ask: Hey, where do we want to put all the cannabis shops? How many of them should we have? What kind of permitting should we require? 

The city says, on its website:

The City is considering policies and regulations for adult cannabis retail sales and services. We would appreciate you taking a few moments to let us know your thoughts on how we should create effective standards that reflect our community’s values.

If you’re an Arcata person with thoughts on the issue, you can fill out the city’s survey here.


And while you’re at it: J. Domarecki, a student at HSU, reaches out to LoCO HQ to let us know about a different survey she’s undertaking for her graduate work. It’s about Arcata household consumption patterns and household waste, and the results, she says, will be used to help inform food waste reduction strategies at the City of Arcata and Recology.

She says:

Food For Thought! Please answer these brief questions regarding your household food waste. This data is being collected on behalf of a graduate student at Humboldt State University. Thank you for your valued participation! 

…. and you can find her survey at this link.