Local “Jeopardy!”-watchers were probably jumping out of their seats to answer this question about Highway 101 geography given in the first round of last night’s episode:

“You have found it!” host Alex Trebek exclaimed. “The Carson Mansion in this port city and seat of Humboldt County.”

That’s right, Eureka was the question to one of the answers — or whatever — during last night’s “Jeopardy.”

Contestant Ryan Fenster responded correctly, and went on to handily win the contest with a purse of $22,799.

This is the third time in recent memory that Humboldt has been featured on “Jeopardy!”

In October, Humboldt State’s mascot “the Lumberjacks” was the answer to a $1,200 question. And in February of 2016, a diehard minor-league-baseball enthusiast declared the Humboldt Crabs the best show in minor-league baseball.

While contestants from last night’s show knew their Highway 101 geography, they are also making headlines this morning for their abysmal football knowledge.

All three contestants failed to answer a single football question last night, making for a humorous end to the first round. Watch it below.

“I can tell you guys are big football fans, Trebek joked.

Watch the hilarity ensue below.