Video taken by Anchor Charter Boats in Fort Bragg, California. Edited by John Ferrara.

Ahh, nothing like a refreshing blowhole shower to start the day.

This extremely curious and friendly gray whale gave a group of whale watchers the show of a lifetime in Fort Bragg on Saturday afternoon. 

Anchor Charter Boats captain Richard Thornton told the Outpost that his charter was whale watching off the Mendo Coast when the whale swam right up to their boat and started interacting with the people onboard.

“It’s definitely rare [for a whale to come that close],” Thornton said. “It came right up to the boat and was on it for like an hour and a half. We’re in a spot where they’re migrating, so they generally don’t hang out here unless they’re mating.”

Thornton pulled out his cellphone and pressed record as the friendly whale hugged the boat and allowed passengers to pat it’s big whale head.

“It was like a dog wanting more pets,” he said. “It was really crazy; very cool.”

At one point, passengers got a little too close for comfort when the whale tilted it’s head and blasted them right in the face with its blowhole.

This sighting came a week after the charter company had another rare moment: a close encounter with a pod of killer whales (see video below).

“We happen to be at the right place at the right time,” Thornton said.