You can’t quite call them “the Internet’s newest features” since they soft-launched a couple of weeks ago, but let us formally introduce you to the Outpost’s newest newsbots: WARRANTED and RELEASED.


WARRANTED: Pretty simple. This is a list of all unresolved felony warrants currently held by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

The listings include the name and age of the person being sought, the date the warrant was issued, a link to the Humboldt County Superior Court case from which the warrant stems and, when available, the specific charges that the person is being sought for. Click the charge in the right-hand column, there, for the text of the corresponding law:

Click there to read the law.

WARRANTED is currently updated once a week, on Wednesdays … or whenever the Sheriff’s Office gets around to updating their sheet, which they don’t seem to have done yesterday.


RELEASED: You probably know about BOOKED, the ancient Outpost feature that tracks who has been booked into custody at the Humboldt County jail by whom, and when, and why.

RELEASED is the flip side of BOOKED. It tells you, every morning, who has been released from county jail, and when, and why. Each entry is linked, when possible, to the corresponding entry in BOOKED, and calculates the time that person has spent in custody.

The entries also tell you why the person was released from custody — whether they took out a bail bond, or were transferred to state prison, or were released on their own recognizance, or were released for time served, or were released in accordance with some other provision of the California Penal Code.


So that’s BOOKED and RELEASED and WARRANTED. Let’s quickly run down their cousins on the site.

PATROLLED: Police agency calls for service. Currently encompasses the Arcata Police Department and the Fortuna Police Department in near-real time, and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office a day or days after the fact. Scroll back and forward in time to get calls from a day that is not today.

Someday soon the Eureka Police Department calls for service will appear here, too.

CHPWATCH: Dispatch logs from the California Highway Patrol. Traffic accidents, hazards and road closures from local state highways, in near-real time.

JUDGED: The Humboldt County Superior Court calendar, filterable and sortable and such.

SCANNER TRAFFIC INDICATES: Interesting things that we or the SCANNER TRAFFIC INDICATES street crew hear over the emergency communications radio channels.


You can always find links to these things in the LoCO toolbar at the top of any page.