Rain and snow is forecast to fall across the Emerald Triangle for most of today.

Eureka’s National Weather Service has provided the informative graphic above that shows what time rain or snow will hit your region throughout the day.

Read more from Eureka’s National Weather Service office below:

Snow is expected in Trinity County today, and will likely impact travel on many roadways.

While snow totals will vary considerably depending on your exact location and elevation, the heaviest snow is expected across northern Trinity County where snow levels will likely remain around 2500 feet through the day. Highways 3, 36, and 299 will all likely see accumulations in various locations.

Refer to comment below for the actual snowfall accumulation forecast. Facebook is malfunctioning this morning (didn’t let us post pictures the regular way).

As a citizen observer, you can also help us. If you live in Trinity County, please give us weather reports (time, temperature, dew point, wind speed, precipitation type, snowfall rate, whether snow is sticking on the ground). You can be the part in helping us to fill the data void region in Trinity County. Thanks, and stay safe!