Weather! Dontchajust hate it?

The LoCO Earth rainfall monitors tell us that about an inch and a half of rain has dumped onto the Humboldt Bay area in the last 24 hours. Honeydew, the perpetual rainfall leader, has received about 2.67 inches. 

Not the wettest day ever, but a decent haul. More than enough to cause the highways to slip and slide a little bit, and more than enough to shut down the most waterlogged of the Humboldt County roads. 

Speaking of which, the Humboldt County Department of Public Works says:


  • Berta Road is closed due to flooding


The following road conditions are in effect:

  • Meridian Road at m.p. 0.75 is closed due to flooding
  • Grizzly Bluff Road, Williams Creek bridge closed due to bridge maintenance. Mile marker 10.23
  • Howard Heights road is closed due to flooding