If you are one of the cherished five or six Outpost regulars who understand the value of reading more than an article’s headline before you jet down to the Thunderdome for the big, dumb slugfest (bless you) then you may have noticed a new McByline on this morning’s Eureka transitional housing post

Yes, today is a special day. LoCO has acquired a new person with which to pester y’all.

Stephanie McGeary, Lost Coast Outpost staff writer

Your Lost Coast Outpost is excited to announce the addition of Stephanie McGeary. (Everyone say, “Welcome, Stephanie!” Louder, please!) If history is any indicator Steph will undoubtedly cover all sorts of Humboldt weirdness in the days to come but the idea is that she will give special focus to Eureka and Arcata city happenings. Return her calls, department heads! 

“McGeary… McGeary… Huh. She looks almost familiar!” you might be saying and you might be right! Stephanie spent the better chunk of her childhood here in Humboldt and is a proud Tiger, graduating from Arcata High School. After defecting to the Bay Area for a bit she returned to the homeland and recently — as in this weekend — graduated from Humboldt State University’s journalism program. As a writer for The Lumberjack, McGeary covered stories ranging from the tragic, to the inspiring, to the derpy. She also spent a fair amount of time behind the microphone as a voice on KRFH, achieving enough notoriety to warrant prominent photo placement on the student radio station’s homepage (all of us at LoCO interpret that to mean her colleagues liked her. Right?). 

Anyway, she’s done stuff. Oh, there’s also a chance she served you a froofy cocktail at The Speakeasy at some point, though that may be, understandably, harder for you to remember. 

Expect to be hearing a lot more from Stephanie! If you have story ideas you don’t trust any of the other people currently working here with — or if you just want to say hi — send her an email at stephanie@lostcoastoutpost.com.