From the League of Women Voters, Humboldt County Chapter:


PROP 68 California Drought, Water, Parks, Climate, Coastal Protection, and Outdoor Access for All Act:


This measure would authorize California to issue general obligation bonds, with the money used to finance state and local parks, water conservation measures, water reliability to disadvantaged communities, and flood protection projects. California parks provide open space and recreation, improving health and community well-being. The water projects funded by this bond are forward thinking and are a key part of our state response to climate change. Vote YES on Prop 68.

PROP 69 Motor Vehicle Fees and Taxes:


If passed, this constitutional amendment would ensure that the existing transportation revenues we pay at the pump and when we register our vehicles can ONLY be used for road and transportation improvement projects. This amendment protects these transportation funds by prohibiting the state legislature from using these revenues for non-transportation purposes. Prop 69 protects existing taxes and fees we are already paying. It does not raise taxes one cent. The League supports measures to ensure adequate revenue to support needed services, including safe roads and good public transportation. Vote YES on Prop 69.

PROP 70 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Reserve Fund:


This measure would add a requirement that two thirds of legislators approve the first appropriation of any money collected from the sale by CARB (California Air Resources Board) of cap-and-trade allowances after 2024. At a time that we need efficient and effective investments in climate change solutions, this requirement could lead to deadlocks, inefficiency, and poor decisions. Vote NO on Prop 70. PROP 71 Effective Date of Initiatives YES Currently, an initiative that is approved takes effect the day after the election unless the measure provides otherwise. Election results are not officially certified until five weeks after the election. While most election results are clear shortly after Election Day, that is not always the case. Prop 71 would provide that an initiative would take effect five days after the Secretary of State certifies the election results. Vote YES on Prop 71.

PROP 72 Property taxation: new construction: rain water capture system:


This measure would allow an exclusion from additional property taxes for construction or installation of rain water capture systems. These systems capture, store, and use otherwise wasted rain water for landscape irrigation and similar uses, saving more conventional water for personal use. With traditional water sources becoming less dependable, this is one more way we can diversify sources of usable water. Vote YES on Prop 72.