From the City of Eureka:

The City of Eureka will be closing the Waterfront Trail from Del Norte to Truesdale Street on Thursday, October 18th, and Friday, October 19th. Signs will be posted notifying the public of the closure at the trail entrances at Del Norte and Truesdale, the end of Vigo Street and at the entrance to the PALCO Marsh at the north end of the Bayshore Mall parking lot.

As part of a cooperative project to restore wetlands, PG&E and the City of Eureka are planning treatments in the area. The extremely invasive common reed plants will be eradicated from an area within PALCO Marsh by a combination of herbicide application and burning. This treatment was determined to be the least environmentally damaging alternative for eradicating the common reed from PALCO Marsh, and it will take multiple treatments before the native wetland plant species can be restored. Thank you for your support and patience as we restore the functions of the Marsh. For more information call 707-441-4184.