America. You love it. I love it. Despite our best efforts there’s still lots of good stuff goin’ on around here. Yeah! But I digress.

Recently the fine folks of Crescent City had a problem on their hands: What to do about the odd, arrow-shaped sign on Highway 101. It’s ugly, they thought. It used to point to something — anyone remember? — but now its just a weird blue blob distracting from the many other signs that line that stretch of pavement adjacent the harbor. Do something, someone! 

Enter Del Norte County Supervisor Roger Gitlin — who, for the record, also believes America to be a super spot. For the past few years he has frequently trumpeted the efforts of Take a Bite Out of Blight, a community group he helped found that takes on service projects around Del Norte County with the goal of making the unsightly sightly.

You know where this is going! Yes, last week Take a Bite Out of Blight decided to focus their energy on the aforementioned uggo arrow and, without further delay, here’s the finished product! 

Wow. They crammed those stars in there, didn’t they? Anyway, the “iconic ARROW” has been made iconic again! Great work, all.