Dark arts will not be accepted.

The Eureka Library is holding a Harry Potter party at the end of October, and it’s calling for artists of all ages to submit original Harry Potter-themed artwork for the event.

“Come celebrate the magic of Harry Potter with the Eureka Library!” the library announced in a press release today.

Submissions will be hung in in the library‚Äôs Hagopian Gallery during the event. Artists who wish to have their pieces on display will need to follow the library’s following rules: All artwork must be an original creation, appropriate for all ages, two-dimensional and no larger than 16-by-20 inches.

The Eureka Library awaits your owl by no later than Sept. 29. For more information, call the library at (707) 269-1910, or visit its website at www.humlib.org.

Harry Potter fan art | Wikimedia.