The House of Representatives will impeach President Donald Trump very shortly. It will be the third time in the nation’s history that a president has been impeached.

In the run-up to the vote, each member of the house has been given the floor for a minute-long speech on the occasion. Here’s what our representative, Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael), had to say:

Here’s a quick transcript:

Madam Speaker, as we take this solemn, necessary step of impeaching President Trump, my Republican colleagues have made up their minds. We can’t persuade them to do the right thing. So I’ll address my remarks to the future.

Today’s vote will be judged by future generations, including my precious children, Abby and Nathan, maybe grandkids. Historians will study what members of this Congress did when our democracy was tested like never before by a president who put personal interests above country, who compromised national security to cheat his way to re-election, and when caught not only lied and refused to admit wrongdoing but flouted Congress’s authority. He even called the Constitutional impeachment mechanism “unconstitutional.”

Historians will marvel how some members of Congress continue to stand by this man. How they put blind partisan loyalty — or fear of Donald Trump — above their duty to defend the Constitution. How they made absurd partisan arguments and tried to obstruct these proceedings, and how instead of pushing back when their party fell under the dark spell of authoritarianism, they embraced it, as if the Constitution, the rule of law and our oath of office mean nothing.

So, Madam Speaker, for our future generations, our children, the judgment of history, let me be clear: I stand with our Constitution, with the rule of law and our democracy. I’ll be voting yes to impeach Donald J. Trump.


And while we’re watching Twitter video, here’s the now-president praising House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the skies but wondering why she hasn’t impeached then-president George Bush: