Inside Edition was here

Humboldt denizens continue to enjoy spirited online debates over the merits of Murder Mountain, the six-part true crime-y journey into Humboldt’s violent, outlaw marijuana culture that finally attracted eyeballs after debuting on Netflix in December. We’re very famous again. Here on LoCO, the series has drawn cries of both “Sensationalism!” and “Told you so.“ 

Now more camera-toting story seekers are sniffing around the hill. The promise of rampant death and mayhem was a bit too enticing to pass up for no less than Inside Edition. So, the long-running TV newsmagazine recently sent correspondent Jim Moret out Alderpoint Road to get the real scoop on “Murder Mountain.” 

What did they find? Here’s how Inside Edition previews their report on their trip to Humboldt/Murder Mountain, from their website:

A scenic stretch of northern California wilderness is where 60 percent of marijuana is grown in the United States, and its known as “Murder Mountain.” Experts tell Inside Edition that it is not the climate or the soil that draws farmers to the area but the isolation.

Humboldt County also has the highest rate of missing persons cases in the state, which is how it has become ground zero for danger and known as “Murder Mountain.” In the area, cell phone service quickly goes out, as Inside Edition discovered on a recent trip. 

60 percent of U.S. marijuana is grown on Murder Mountain? That’s certainly debatable, but we’ll move on for now so you can get to watching this thing. The three-minute piece packs in interview snippets with former Humboldt County Sheriff Mike Downey as well as a pair of partially disguised pot growers who eagerly tell Moret what life is like in their world.

Hear their take in the Inside Edition story below. Now it is time to click play.

Inside Edition’s Jim Moret makes a discovery during his drive into the hills: “Cell service is out. So I have no cell service. If anything were to happen to us right now, we’re out of luck.”


Masked grower on Murder Mountain: “It ain’t no joke. It ain’t a playground.”