Xack Fischer and his business partner Peregrine Church on the TV show Pickler & Ben.

Humboldt native and South Fork High School grad Xack Fischer was featured on the daytime TV show Pickler & Ben last week to demonstrate his water-activated street art business Rainworks.

Fischer and his business partner/best pal Peregrine Church were recently flown to Nashville, Tennessee for the show, hosted by country singer, former “American Idol” contestant and “Dancing with the Stars” winner Kellie Pickler and her co-host Ben Aaron, a “funny, curious, and good-natured New Yorker.”

Fischer first met Church after moving to Seattle in 2010. A few years later, the two began creating art around the city using stencils and a waterproof coating. They called their works of art “rainworks.”

“After I moved to Seattle I met Peregrine through magic; we are both magicians,” Fischer told the Outpost in 2017. “Shortly after, we began working together to make the world a more interesting place.”

The “rainworks” became an internet sensation in 2015, which led to the formation of their company, also named Rainworks.

“My best friend came up with the idea for Rainworks, and together, with help from the internet, we’ve turned Rainworks into our full-time jobs,” Fischer said. “Our Rainwork videos have been seen by millions of people around the world, and have kickstarted a global movement of other people creating their own Rainworks.”

According to the company website, the waterproof spray reportedly causes no damage to surfaces, is non-toxic, eco-friendly and lasts for up to four months before naturally degrading.

The two also performed a unique art stunt in Humboldt County in 2017, when they floated a bounce house on the South Fork Eel River behind Fischers childhood home in SoHum.

During the same trip, Fischer also created some “rainworks” in Humboldt County, decorating Garberville’s Town Square.

Watch Fischer and Church pitch their product on television in the first video above.

Photos provided by Xack Fischer.

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