Fortuna City Councilmember Dean Glaser has always been something of a character, a proud conservative patriot who likes his hats brimmed, his council chambers God-blessed and his neckwear star-spangled.

This reporter first met him a decade ago at a Tea Party rally protesting Obamacare:



But last week, during a council meeting, Glaser raised some hackles and eyebrows when he complained that people struggling with addiction can’t simply be shot like ailing livestock. 

“If you were on a ranch and you had mad cow disease, these people would all be put down,” he said. “Unfortunately, we follow humanitarian boundaries in our society, so we’re not allowed to do that.”

Holy moly, Dean!

His comments, originally reported by the Times-Standard, sparked anger on social media and inspired a follow-up story from Redwood News. They also got us wondering what exactly is going on inside Glaser’s brain these days. So we navigated ourselves over to the website to have a look-see at his profile page and, well. Hmm.

Below is just a sampling of the things he’s posted this month alone.

Take a look, and then read our interview with Glaser, which follows the posts.

Among the things Glaser apparently believes:

Last year’s school shooting massacre in Parkland, Florida, was achieved through mind-control:
“all the mayors in England are MUSLIM!!!!”
5G technology will turn you into an “instant zombie”:
Hillary Clinton and former White House Chief of Staff John Podesta worship satan and eat babies:
The mass shootings in New Zealand and Las Vegas were staged, “false flag” events:
Barack Obama and the Clintons employ hitmen who murder people to keep their secrets from being revealed:
Global warming is a hoax:
Vaccines cause autism:
The 9/11 terrorist attacks were staged:
Obama was not a citizen:
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is “possessed by the Devil demons of evil” and should be put in a cage:
A global conspiracy of elites is sterilizing people via the HPV vaccine:

# # #

We reached Glaser by phone this afternoon, and he didn’t back down an inch. Regarding his comments at last week’s city council meeting he said, “The statement stands as it was.”

Comparing people who are addicted to drugs to sick bovines, he said, “was the best analogy that I could use for trying to remind the organizations that are promoting this epidemic of addiction, especially heroin, that these individuals really are behaving in a way that is not compliant with society.”

Does he really believe they should be killed?

He said no, but he wanted to alert people that addicts “carry three different pathogens” and that both the Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction (HACHR) and the Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services “are allowing those people to be in society.”

Asked what pathogens he was referring to, Glaser said syphilis, hepatitis C and HIV, diseases which are by no means limited to those who use needles. Glaser seemed to acknowledge as much with regard to syphilis, though he suggested that those who contract it only have their own behavior to blame. 

“Syphilis is [contracted] by inappropriate manner of sexual intercourse,” he said.

Referring to the nonprofit HACHR as a “socialist program,” Glaser said the organization is allowing drug use to become an epidemic “rather than removing the people that are addicted, keeping them isolated, [placing] them somewhere else until they’re cured.” Refusing to quarantine such people, he said, is “a totally asinine idea.” 

Next we asked Glaser about his Facebook posts. Does he really think that the mass shootings in New Zealand and Las Vegas were staged? That the mass-shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School was achieved through mind-control?

“I’m not going to go off-track,” he said. But a moment later he did elaborate, pointing out that he gets most of the information he posts from The D.C. Clothesline

According to Media Bias/Fact Check News, an independent outlet dedicated to “educating the public on media bias and deceptive news practices,” the D.C. Clothesline is a questionable source “based on the publication of news with an extreme right wing bias, promotion of far right propaganda, conspiracies and fake news stories passed off as real without a disclaimer.”

They go on to note, “This appears to be a satire website. If this is not satire, then we are left speechless as virtually every story is unbelievable.”

Not to Glaser, though. He said it’s “a wonderful, wonderful site that a lot of people don’t know is realistic. It’s livable truth.” He started to elaborate about the vast number of false flag events that go under-reported before catching himself, saying he’d gotten off-track.

Returning to the topic of needle exchange, Glaser said, “I’m defending my citizens in my community.” He then accused Redwood News of twisting his words and suggested the Outpost is free to do the same, if we wish.

But didn’t he really make those comments during the city council meeting? 

He acknowledged that he did. “It was a good eye-opener for everybody to see it’s not just candy-coated like they want it to be. It was an analogy.” And he reminded us how he’d also observed that society has “humanitarian boundaries.” 

Which is true, though he called those boundaries “unfortunate.” Doesn’t that mean he was advocating murder?

“I’m not going to discuss it further,” he said in response to that question. And he invited us to attend next week’s council meeting.