Suspect’s car recovered by RDPD

City of Rio Dell press release:

Johnny Renfro was killed in Rio Dell last month

On August 29, 2019 Johnny Renfro was shot and killed within the City of Rio Dell. The Rio Dell Police Department has recovered the vehicle believed to have been used by the shooter. The department has also collected numerous mobile phones, computers, recordings and other modern technology for which search warrants have been obtained and served. This technology has been referred to various third parties for analysis.

It is believed that when the results of these warrants are received, there will be enough evidence to seek an arrest warrant for the shooter.

Police believe Demetrius Coleman may have some relation to the case

Additional investigation into the motive for the shooting is ongoing and the Department has also identified a person of interest in the investigation, Demetrius Coleman, 39 of Eureka, California.

If you have any information that you believe may be of assistance, please contact Sergeant John Beauchaine or Chief Jeff Conner at (707) 764‐5642.

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