McKinleyville residents Jacki and Tom Cahill have spent the last eight months dedicating their time and money to feeding the local homeless community through their outreach ministry, which they call “God-Snacked.”

“My husband and I have been feeding hot, delicious Sunday dinner to the homeless of McKinleyville and Valley West from meals we make in our home kitchen,” Jacki Cahill told the Outpost.

When the “shelter-in-place” order went into effect last month, the Cahills stepped up their efforts to provide sandwich lunches to the homeless every weekday.

“We drive around finding them to pass out these meals,” Jacki Cahill said. “They’ve come to depend upon this one meal per day.”

But Cahill said that the increased need to feed the homeless during the COVID-19 epidemic has left their outreach ministry nearly penniless.

“We are now at a crisis level and need to find more financial donors quickly,” she said. “I can feed people through the weekend, but after that we’re in trouble.”

While the Cahills receive some financial support from Fielbrook Community Church to put on their large Sunday dinners, they say they’ve been relying on social media fundraising to feed the needy Monday through Friday.

“Since March 23, we’ve raised $1,700 and served 552 meals,” she said. “My husband and I are just two people with our feet on the ground who Love God and love people.”

Cahill is asking the Humboldt community for support during this time and said that people can help keep the God-Snacked ministry running by donating to her Venmo account — @jacki-Libolt-Cahill.