Humboldt County officials have been taking questions from the media and filming responses on a nearly daily basis.

Today, once again, Dr. Teresa Frankovich — Humboldt County’s public health officer — stepped up to answer questions on the COVID-19 pandemic and Humboldt County’s response. [NOTE: Individuals with hearing impairment can turn on closed-captioning by clicking the “gear” icon in the video above.]

Today’s questions:

  • How many Humboldt County people are isolated? How many are quarantined? What is the difference between the two? (0:00)
  • What is there to stop people who have been diagnosed with the virus from going out in public? (1:40)
  • What happens when a person who has tested positive lives with other people? (2:35)
  • Have any children been diagnosed with the virus in the county? (3:30)
  • Now that community spread has been confirmed, does that change the criteria for who is tested? (4:00)
  • As more people test positive, will public health be releasing more data about people who have tested positive? (5:30)
  • What has been effective in the effort to increase hospital capacity locally? (6:40)
  • How are the mental and physical health of doctors, nurses and other health care workers being supported? (8:21)