“Ice Cream Cake.” | 2Tank

The Humboldt hip-hopper that brought us the love song collaboration “About You” has a follow-up music video about cannabis and social media marketing.

Artist 2Tank is back with a video for his new song “Ice Cream Cake” featuring local rapper Wess Vega.

The music video, which is themed around the cannabis strain of the same name, is also inundated with advertisements for a local dispensary and a paint party company. Both companies are also named in the video’s credits and one has seemingly cut a deal to sell the rapper’s merch’ in-store.

A hot new track, an egregious piece of product placement or the work of a savvy businessman out to make that paper, yo? That’s for Humboldt to decide.


See more locally-filmed music videos from 2Tank and rapper Wess Vega below.