In keeping with the our mission to give pixel space to any and all locally made music videos, the Outpost now presents y’all with another YouTube embed to get you boppin’ into your weekend. Ooo, look! You know where that place is! 

Behold, above, the video for “About You,” a collaboration between local artists 2Tank and Diamond Doll. The clip features emotional performances by the pair as they reflect on the difficulties experienced in modern relationships whilst smoking blunts amongst redwood trees and along Humboldt Bay. In her message to the Outpost, Diamond Doll stressed that all aspects of this production come from the home front. 

“Everything is locally made from scratch,” she wrote. “[F]rom the instrumental beat, to the writers and vocals and video production.

Diamond Doll said they’ve performed the song at a couple of events and “crowds went wild!” We now invite you to press play and join the throng.