Today, Humboldt County’s Health Officer — Dr. Ian Hoffman — took questions from the media about the first week of vaccinations in Humboldt County, and what he expects to see from the vaccination program in the coming weeks and months.

No transcript this time, but here are the questions asked with a timestamp corresponding to their place in the video above.


(0:15) The North Coast Journal asks… The county reported earlier this week that it received 975 doses of the Pfizer vaccine. Do you know how many of those have been administered to date and what the local process is for determining exactly how the line forms to receive those under the state’s tiered system? Do hospitals and health care providers get to prioritize which members of their staffs get vaccinated first?

(2:30) The North Coast Journal asks… What oversight or transparency will there be in this local process to ensure it’s not abused and, for example, hospital administrators or board members aren’t prioritized ahead of front-line workers who are at the greatest risk?

(4:20) The Lost Coast Outpost asks… Lindsey Mendez said in her media availability Wednesday that the county will be receiving 975 Pfizer doses per week. To what extent can we be sure of these shipments? How long are we contracted to receive shipments on this schedule?

(6:15) The Lost Coast Outpost asks… How many citizens have been vaccinated so far? Is it possible to regularly release vaccination statistics on the county’s dashboard?

(7:20) The North Coast News asks… It seems like this vaccine came quickly since the start of the pandemic. But, there’s obviously a lot of work before this. What is a realistic timeline for how long it’s taken to get this vaccine up and running?

(8:55) The North Coast News asks… We understand summer 2021 is a more realistic timeline for mass amounts of people to get vaccinated. What is the most realistic timeline for Humboldt County specifically to have the general public vaccinated?

(10:30) The Times-Standard asks… How many people have been vaccinated so far and when does the county expect to exhaust its current supply of vaccines?

(11:05) The Times-Standard asks… At a virtual town hall last night, the state OES deputy director of planning, preparedness and prevention, Lori Nezhura, said the allotment of vaccines was reduced for most states, including California. How will this impact Humboldt County?

(11:50) The Times-Standard asks… Is the county concerned about whether people might be reluctant to get the vaccine? How would this impact the development of herd immunity?

(12:35) The Redheaded Blackbelt asks… Have there been any instances where a healthcare worker locally declines to take the vaccine in favor of a later option, or to take wait to get a different vaccine? Or declined to take it for any reason?

(13:05) The Redheaded Blackbelt asks… Are staff members at Grenada being considered for vaccinations?

(13:50) The Redheaded Blackbelt asks… Can you talk about why or why not it would make sense to vaccinate a facility’s staff and members during the midst of an outbreak if in some theoretical world we had all the vaccine we needed?