Wildberries employees posing for a photo in June.

Wildberries Marketplace is the latest Arcata business to be hit with an outbreak of COVID-19.

The business announced on Friday that four of its employees recently tested positive for the virus and said that more positive cases are likely.

“Despite rigorous compliance to recommended CDC and Humboldt County Public Health protocols and frequent communication with health officials, this insidious infection has found its way into our workforce,” Wildberries President Phil Ricord stated on social media. “With over 100 staff and given the current rate of infection regionally, it was simply a matter of time.”

Unlike many of the Arcata restaurants that have seen COVID outbreaks in the last month, Wildberries says that it will remain open. However, the store is now closing two hours early each night to perform a “deep clean sanitization” of all contact surfaces.

“A thorough listing of our COVID safety protocols will be available upon request for the public,” Ricord said. “Wildberries cares, we’ve proven it and will continue to prove it.”

Read the company’s full statement in the Facebook post embedded below.