You want a centered first responder

Learn more about local first responders’ attempts to stay sane and limber in the Humboldt Bay Fire press release below: 

Humboldt Bay Fire has partnered with Yoga for First Responders to bring yoga to the fire floor and support the mental and physical health of our team.

Not only are firefighters more likely to die by suicide than on duty, but rates of depression and PTSD amongst fire personnel are 5 times higher than those of the general population.

This new practice adds to our existing Wellness Program including a Peer Support team, annual physicals, Behavior Health Awareness & Mental Health trainings, and Employee Assistance Program.

We believe this implementation will increase crew resiliency to high stress situations and improve long-term job survivability. In addition, regularly practicing yoga has been shown to decrease injury and increase recovery time in first responders, as well as positively impact neuroplasticity and heart rate variability regulation. A healthier crew means that HBF is better prepared to serve the community at the highest standard.

We are so excited to work with our local Yoga for First Responders instructor, Jennelle Crnich, and look forward to a happy and healthy 2020.

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