Video by the Santa Barbara Zoo.

Bono, the elderly gibbon that was transferred from the Sequoia Park Zoo in December after his lifelong mate Joh-leen passed away in August, is reportedly bonding well with his new companion Jasmine at the Santa Barbara Zoo.

Jasmine, a 42-year-old gibbon who also lost her mate last year, is reportedly thrilled with Bono and has literally been doing backflips since he arrived (see video).

“These two immediately hit it off, and Jasmine in particular has been exhibiting excited behaviors that her keepers have never seen before!” the Santa Barbara Zoo wrote on social media. “Jasmine and Bono are both geriatric in age, but companionship is incredibly important for this social species – even in their golden years.”

The new pair have already been seen eating, singing and exploring their island together. Watch the video at the top of this story to see Bono enjoying his new SoCal lifestyle.



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