Press release from Green Diamond:

This morning, Wednesday, July 29th, Green Diamond will begin harvesting operations in the vicinity of the trail to Strawberry Rock.

Green Diamond recognizes the popularity of hiking the trail to Strawberry Rock by the local community; however, access to our timberlands is only by permission. The active timber harvesting in the vicinity of the trail is expected to continue through mid-September. As safety is our first concern, we request that the public not use the trail or access Strawberry Rock by any other route during this timeframe.

The harvesting activities will not affect the proposed 45 acre conservation easement that includes Strawberry Rock, the trail and the 24 acre timber stand adjacent to the trail. The Trinidad Coastal Land Trust is working to complete this perpetual easement that would provide permanent public access to Strawberry Rock. We remain committed to working with the Trinidad Coastal Land Trust on the proposed conservation easement.

Operations will harvest second and third-growth timber, and will be conducted under the requirements of a Timber Harvesting Plan approved by the state, and our state and federal permits that provide protection of wildlife and water quality. Safety of the public, our employees and contractors is our number one priority and we appreciate your patience and understanding.