It’s time for your regular check-in with Humboldt County Health Officer Dr. Teresa Frankovich. Watch the video above for the latest on the county’s COVID-19-related plans and/or read brief, time stamped synopses of the Q&A below.

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(0:17) Can you discuss the surveillance testing the county is performing at local skilled nursing facilities?

Dr. Frankovich said this weekend the county completed another round of testing for the staff of local nursing facilities and all results came back negative. Testing for local assisted living facilities is in the works. 

(1:07) Last week you voiced concerns about the potential for the recent protests to affect a rise in the number of local COVID cases. If the case count rises could that inhibit recently certified businesses from opening?

Even if the case count were to jump, “I don’t expect us to be closing anything right now,” Frankovich said. “What we’d be looking for are ongoing indicators that suggest that we’re going down a path of too many cases.

(3:12) When can nail salons reopen? And why is there a different opening timeline for nail salons and hair salons?

Frankovich mentioned that nail salon appointments tend to take longer than hair appointments on average, but the real issue is that the county is awaiting additional guidance from the state.

(5:56) Hotels, hair salons and other businesses are set to reopen soon. Can you give us an overview of those plans?

Frankovich reminded the public multiple types of businesses are set to  reopen Friday, June 12. Hair salons have already been approved to open early this week, and she hoped that campgrounds and hotels (for recreational travel) would quickly follow.

(6:46) Which businesses and services do you suspect will remain closed longer?

It’s still going to be awhile before we again are able to attend events and mass gatherings — concerts and spectator sports, for example. Social distancing remains key to successfully reopening the county.

“We’re not encouraging people to come into large spaces and interact with everyone in the space, which happens when we’re together — for instance, bars, concert venues or things like that — where we definitely have less ability to social distance,” said Frankovich.