Humboldt County Public Health Officer Dr. Teresa Frankovich has been answering questions from local media agencies via recorded video message. Here’s her most recent dispatch, and here are the topics discussed:

  • What is the county is doing to support healthcare workers? (0:00)
  • What is the county’s access to data from commercial COVID-19 testing labs? (0:55)
  • Should we be wearing masks? (3:00)
  • Is it safer for seniors to shop during senior-only hours? (4:16)
  • What is the difference between “sheltering in place” and “self-quarantining”? (5:00)
  • Who is equipped to perform COVID-19 testing? (5:43)
  • What is the process for securing testing capacity in Humboldt County? (7:00)
  • Is Public Health taking steps to contact people who recently returned to Humboldt State from elsewhere in the state? (7:50)
  • What would Public Health be doing differently if it had an unlimited supply of COVID-19 testing material? (9:00)
  • Is the county considering whether to “shut down” the airport? Can it? (10:00)

Dr. Frankovich has committed to answering questions three times a week (barring unforeseen emergencies, presumably). Got a question you want asked? Let us know.