Humboldt State University press release:

Humboldt State University has been actively participating in discussions about fall instruction within the California State University system.

HSU is currently preparing a request to establish a hybrid approach to fall instruction, which includes virtual instruction and limited face-to-face instruction in strict collaboration with the Humboldt County Public Health.

Broad consultation on campus has been ongoing, including with academic leadership, University Senate Executive Committee, union representatives and others, as well as with various external constituency groups.

We are reviewing details of the presentations and comments on the topic today at the CSU Board of Trustees meeting, which primarily focused on a general approach of virtual instruction at CSU campuses in the fall. The principles and priorities that were discussed are aligned with the extensive and continuing HSU planning in response to the pandemic.

More information will be shared within the next week related to HSU’s plans for the fall, specifically in those areas where campuses have discretion and options.