Bad news for people who regularly break their Macbook Pros (e.g. LoCO): The owners of Arcata’s Simply Macintosh today announced that they’ve had enough and will not be reopening their Plaza shop even after they are again legally allowed to. 

The following message was shared on Simply Mac’s Facebook page:

Dear friends and community:

We would like to inform you that Simply Macintosh is permanently closed.

Simply Macintosh has weathered many difficult events within our 20 years of operation. In 2014 Apple ended the “Apple Specialist Program” which effectively lowered the profitability of the business and slashed our margins across the board. In 2017 our local economy was turned upside down with the legalization of Marijuana State wide. In 2019 we survived multiple PG&E blackouts. Minimum wage has been increasing every year, and Apple has chosen to sell their products to Costco and Amazon customers for much cheaper than they sell the products to our store. We were able to survive these unfortunate events by becoming more efficient and focusing on the repair and services section of our business. Unfortunately the pandemic was our coup de grâce. Our business bank accounts are deep in the negative due to a near complete loss of cash flow and the business is no longer viable.

Over the last 5 years we poured our lives into sustaining this business. We neglected personal relationships and abandoned our own mental and physical well being to make sure the business survived. We have come to the conclusion that losing any more of ourselves to this business would be more damaging than it is worth.

We know that there will be a void for the sale, repair and support of Apple products in Humboldt County, and for that we are very sorry. There are several non-Apple options available locally. We are continuing to sell our existing inventory which is mostly Apple Accessories which we would prefer to sell locally, if you would like to make a purchase you can email

We can arrange a pickup option Monday - Friday.
If you are in need of support for your Apple devices we recommend contacting AppleCare directly at 1-800-275-2273. AppleCare can arrange direct mail in repairs for most devices.
The closest Apple Store that can offer in store repairs is in Santa Rosa California.

We are deeply appreciative of your past business and support over the last 20 years.

Thank you,

Simply Macintosh
Jim and Patty