Nobody could forget the recent strange September day when smoke from the many nearby fires darkened the sky, creating a creepy orange hue that seemed almost fitting for this already supremely bizarre year.

Like people do, many Humboldt folks made the most of it by capturing eerily beautiful photos, drone footage, and even having some fun with photoshop. For local rap group City Hippie the weird weather presented a unique opportunity to film a new music video, which the group just released today.

The video for the song “Babylon” features shots of the beautiful Avenue of the Giants like you’ve never seen them before. Or at least like you’ve only seen them once before.

“We felt inspired to go down to Avenue of the Giants and inhale ashes while we showcase the orange sky in this video,” City Hippie Manager Eli Jimenez wrote in an email to the Outpost. “All natural lighting and coloring from the fires, believe it or not.” 

You can watch the video for “Babylon” above, and/or check out more City Hippie and other local music videos below!