Oh, the things that find their way into the LoCO inbox. In what was easily the most joy-inducing piece of promotional material sent to us this week, today we learned that, yes, people are jumping their mountain bikes over towering Humboldt cannabis plants and, yes, it’s freakin’ siiick! 

If you’re seeking a midweek smile, let us clue you in to the fledgling “Jump the Weed Challenge,” which is sure to be all the rage this harvest. The movement kicked off in earnest this past weekend up near Kneeland where, we are told, serious local mountain biker Vincent Kimber “jumped 15 feet in the air clearing the Humboldt Seed Company’s prolific Family Jewels strain at Fire Mountain Farms, a licensed, legal cannabis farm.” Whoa. Crazy. 

Anyway, this is the information we have. For further evidence that this feat occurred, please direct thine eyes to the rockin’, gravity-defying clip below. 

Do you have a mountain bike and some lush greenery you could soar over? Presumably, since this is traditionally how online “challenge”s go, you are now encouraged to try your luck at clearing some product. Once you’ve filmed your daredevilry, deploy hashtags and bask in your new-found fame. Hooray!  

“No weed was harmed in the making of this video,” LoCO has been reliably informed.