It’s officially a Saturday night to dress your cat in funny costumes they seem indifferent about. You can add Arts Alive to the list of local events either canceled or postponed by organizers recognizing the threat posed by Humboldt’s recent uptick in COVID cases. At this point, it’s probably safe to assume an event you saw advertised for this weekend is not happening, so maybe check before venturing out (if you still plan to). 

A statement from the Eureka Main Street on the action can be found below:

Humboldt County has seen a significant raise in Covid cases and hospitalizations caused by the Delta variant.  In support of the health of small businesses, health care workers and the community at large the decision has been made to cancel Eureka Main Street’s First Saturday Night Arts Alive. Artwork can still be viewed in businesses through Downtown and Old Town, Eureka during regular business hours. We look forward to the return of art, music, live performances and seeing everyone when the numbers drop. Stay safe and mask up!