LoCO has obtained security footage, which you can watch above, that appears to show a vehicle running a red light before plowing into Don’s Rent-All at the corner of Broadway and Washington Street sometime after 8 p.m. on Tuesday night.

The Eureka Police Department tells us they still have not located the driver of the vehicle who seemingly fled the scene.

As for the rest of us, it sounds like traffic on Broadway might be a little hairy for a while while crews ensure that the building doesn’t pose a risk to the public. “The property owner is working with their contractor and an engineer to temporarily shore the building,” said Brian Gerving, Director of Public Works with the City of Eureka.

As crews pulled the wreckage from the corner of the building Wednesday, LoCO spoke to Don’s Rent-All co-owner Meredith Biasca about the bummer situation, but she wanted to express how grateful she is for the support she’s received from her community. Hear her take in the clip above.

LoCO readers will recall that this is not the first time a driver attempted to tunnel through Don’s Rent-All. If y’all would just listen to the mayor, that would be great.

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