Hollywood celeb Jason Segel, who was spotted filming a movie in Eureka not four months ago, gave Humboldt County a brief shoutout on “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert yesterday.

While promoting another non-Humboldt movie (boooring!), Segel mentions what he’s been up to during the pandemic (1:40).

“There was that lull in the middle where we though maybe things were calming down and I went and shot a movie in Humboldt County in Northern California in the redwoods,” he told Colbert. “It was very, very beautiful.”

That movie, an adaptation of the 2010 young adult novel The Sky is Everywhere, is still in post-production, according to IMDB. So maybe Segel will talk more about Humboldt closer to the movie’s release.

Later in the interview, though, Colbert brings up the redwoods again and asks Segel about Humboldt’s “Sasquatchies.” (2:48)

“There’s a whole town devoted to that by the way, up there,” Segel says, likely referring to Willow Creek. “Sasquatch is there, according to them.”

Colbert responded by referencing a Sasquatch report he did for the Daily Show in 1999. But that was filmed in King County, Washington. Nowhere near Humboldt, Stephen.

Watch the entire interview in the video embedded at the top of this story.


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