Since we at the Outpost try to make a point of posting all things related to Sequoia Park Zoo’s Redwood Sky Walk and also try to give our readers the occasional dose of cute baby animals, we would be remiss to not share a  video that combines the two: Guinea pigs scurrying along their own tiny Sky Walk at the zoo!

“While we eagerly await the opening of the #RedwoodSkyWalk, the Guinea pigs in the Barnyard are enjoying their own elevated walkway,” the Sequoia Park zoo writes of the adorable video posted on its Facebook page

Watching these cute, furry rodents do their thing is pretty darn fun already. Add in the resemblance of their wooden ramps to the soon-to-be-open Sky Walk, and the cuteness becomes almost too much to bear. Look at them! They think they’re people!

That is all. You’re welcome.