Cavy Babies

November 2023

The Sequoia Park Zoo Has a Rad New Waterfall Specially Designed For Bear Frolicking

September 2023

R.I.Pig: Joy, the Sequoia Park Zoo’s American Guinea Hog, Has Passed Away

August 2023

FREE RED PANDAS FOR HEROES: Sequoia Park Zoo Offering Complimentary Admission to Firefighters

(VIDEO) CLIMB TIME: Watch the Sequoia Park Zoo’s New Baby Black Bears Ascend!

WELCOME, NONI AND TULE: Sequoia Park Zoo’s Orphaned Black Bears Emerge Into Their New Play Space

May 2021

THAT BLOWS: Redwood Sky Walk Soft Opening Delayed Due to Wind Concerns

April 2021

Redwood Sky Walk Opening Ceremonies, Zoo Price Increases Announced

January 2021

(VIDEO) Guinea Pigs Scurry Along Tiny ‘Redwood Sky Walk’ At the Sequoia Park Zoo

November 2020

(PHOTO) A Flamingo Chick and Nothing More

February 2020

It Looks Like the Sequoia Park Zoo Is Gonna Try Again With the Bears

August 2018

Sequoia Park Zoo Offers Free Admission for NorCal Wildfire Evacuees this Sunday

July 2018

Moses, Sequoia Park Zoo’s Domestic Yak, Has Passed

October 2015

(VIDEO) Baby Squid!!! Hatching!!!

June 2015

Call in the SWAT Team! University Police Respond to Crazed Bee Swarm

May 2015

(VIDEO/PHOTOS) ZOO BREWED: Images From Last Night’s Sudsy Safari

August 2014

Otter-ly Amazing: Zoo Gets New Exhibit

:) :) :) Uh, Twin Baby Red Pandas? Are You Kidding? Please Don’t Kid LoCO On This One (: (: (:

March 2014

:( The Sequoia Park Zoo’s Baby Red Panda Is Moving To Dumb Ol’ Iowa :(

Seal Pups Would Not Like To Play With Your Dog, Beachgoer

January 2014

MORE CAVY BABEH! Plus: Sara Bareilles and Jay Leno Hold Matching Baby Lions!

What Up, Dawg?: Gawk at New Sequoia Park Zoo Critters!

August 2013

Fluff and Stuff—Video of Adorable Baby Red Panda

July 2013

(VIDEO) Humpback Whales Almost Swallow Divers Off California Coast (NSFW)

See the Sequoia Park Zoo’s Baby Red Panda

June 2013

Baby Screamers…

September 2012


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