The only way this leopard shark will hurt you is if you eat it. Photo: Tewy, via WikimediaCreative Commons license.

Worried about the mercury content of your seafood? You should be! Mercury is a nasty heavy metal that can cause any number of serious health conditions if ingested in large enough quantity, and that’s especially true if you are a child or a woman who may be/get pregnant. Seafood is the principal way that it enters the human food chain.

But some species of fish are more dangerous than others, depending on their habitat and their place in the food chain. Over the years, Humboldt Baykeeper has conducted mercury sampling of local seafood and, after a new round of testing on the catch found of coastal waters — not just in Humboldt Bay — they’ve put out a new eater’s guide to bounty of the Humboldt seas.

You can find a writeup of their work here, and download a PDF-printable version of the guide at this link. ¿Está interesado en una versión en español? Clique aquí para descargarla.

Below: A friendly version for your phone.