The Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe’s Environmental Scientist Jacob Pounds samples the algae mats for analysis.


From the Blue Lake Rancheria:

Low levels of toxins have been detected in algae mat samples from the Mad River, collected by the Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe‘s Environmental Department at two locations where potential algae blooms had been observed. The presence of these toxins, even at low levels, triggers a ‘CAUTION’ posting by Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services for these locations in preparation for the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

A caution level posting means that toxins are present, but currently in low concentrations. Users of the Mad River are advised to avoid all visible algal blooms and scum, especially the mats at the margin of the river. It is advised to keep pets out of the water at these sites.

To help keep the community safe ahead of Memorial Day weekend, the Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe’s Environmental Department has partnered with the California Regional Water Quality Control Board to sample potential harmful algae blooms on the lower Mad River at popular recreational spots for fishing and swimming. Due to low and warm water conditions this year caused by lack of rainfall and warmer temperatures, algal blooms are appearing earlier in the year.

Samples for cyanobacteria were taken in two locations:

1) Mad River downstream of Lindsay Creek near HBMWD’s Pump Station #4 park

2) Mad River downstream of City of Blue Lake sewer ponds

The Tribe is partnering with the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to sample Mad River for harmful algae blooms and associated toxins ahead of three holiday weekends: Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day.

The Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe co-manages the Mad River and will share further test results with the public as they are received.

For more information about harmful algae blooms and these posting levels, please visit this link.


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