Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office press release:

District Attorney Maggie Fleming announced that on October 8, 2021, a Humboldt County jury found 54-year-old Sergio Lopez Roman of Eureka guilty of assault with force likely to produce bodily injury (Penal Code [PC] §245(a)(4)). The jury also found true two sentencing enhancements: personal use of a deadly weapon (PC §12022(b)(1)) and personal infliction of great bodily injury (PC §12022.7). 

The trial stemmed from events in January 2020. During the week-long trial, Mr. Roman’s uncle testified that Mr. Roman initiated a verbal altercation with him while the uncle was caring for an elderly family member. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Roman initiated a physical altercation with his uncle as the latter tried to walk home. During the altercation, Mr. Roman used a knife to stab the victim multiple times. 

The defendant waived his right to a jury trial concerning the validity of the “strike” prior alleged by the District Attorney’s Office (negligent discharge of a firearm) and on October 12, 2021, Judge Killoran found this allegation true. Mr. Roman has been convicted of four prior felonies including the “strike.” 

Deputy District Attorney Luke Bernthal prosecuted the case with the assistance of District Attorney Investigator Alan Aubuchon and Victim Advocate Velda Gooden. Defense Attorney Victor Campos represented Mr. Roman. Judge Killoran presided over the trial. Mr. Roman is scheduled to be sentenced on November 4, 2021.